imageSão Tomé and Príncipe | Decree-Law No. 23/2005, of 8 November 2005

Community Contribution of Integration of the Economic Community of Central African States (E.C.C.A.S.)

Preview Extract:

DECREE-LAW No. 23/05 Taking into account the Abuja Treaty, establishing the Economic Community of Central African States (E.C.C.A.S.); Considering the decisions No. 005/EEAC/CCEG/X/02, of 17 June 2002, establishing the Community's autonomous financing mechanism, No. 19/CEEAC/CCEG/X/03, of 25 July 2003, which establishes the rate of the Community Contribution for the Community Integration, and No. 20/CEEAC/CCEG/03, of 26 July 2003, which defines the ways of payment of the contributions by the Member States to the budget of the General Secretariat of the Community; Considering the Convention on the Opening of the Account for the Community Contribution for Integration (CCI [Contribuição Comunitária de Integração]/ECCAS) on the S. Tomé and Príncipe National Bank; Considering, finally, that the Santomean State is a member of the ECCAS and has undertaken the compromise to participate in the financing for its budget through the new financing mechanism "CCI"; Accordingly, in the use of the powers granted by subparagraph (c) of article 111 of the Constitution and on the basis of the legislative authorization granted by the National Assembly, the Government hereby decrees and I promulgate the following: Article 1 The Community Contribution of Integration referred to in short as “CCI” is hereby established.