imageSão Tomé and Príncipe | Decree-Law No. 20/76, of 30 June 1976

Consumption Tax Regulation

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Decree-Law No. 20/76 of 30 June 1976 1. The restructuration of the domestic economy shall lead to a growing import of equipment goods, which requires a selective application of foreign exchange availabilities which does not occur with the increase in imports of many non-essential consumer goods. 2. On the other hand, it has long been recognized the need to revise the legal regime of excise duty, regulated by Legislative Statute No. 744. of 24 December 1966, in order to have it progressively develop towards a widespread consumption tax while eliminating double taxation of raw materials, which the current system does not completely avoid. 3. However, the intended purpose requires the adjustment of certain rates and the inclusion, in the respective tables, of products that were missing because the adopted collection system would render the submission of such products ineffective.