imageSão Tomé and Príncipe | Decree-Law No. 33/76, of 27 August de 1976

Addendum of the Consumption Tax Regulation

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Decree No. 33/76 of 27 August 1976 Due to technical tax reasons, it was decided, when drafting the current Consumption Tax Regulation, to correct taxation on manufactured tobacco through the new import tariff, which was expected to enter into force simultaneously with such Regulation. Due to unforeseen reasons, it was not possible to conclude the work on the revision of the referred import tariff in time to be implemented on 1 August 1976, when Decree-Law No. 20/76, of 30 June 1976 has entered into force. Under the terms of the referred statute, taxation on manufactured tobacco consumption shall now be based on the respective customs value whereas under the provisions of the previous legislation it was levied on the retail price which was much higher.