imageSão Tomé and Príncipe | Decree-Law No. 40/88, of 20 December 1988

Stamp Duty Schedule

Preview Extract:

Decree-Law No. 40/88 The general stamp duty table, approved by Decree-law No. 12/76, has not been subject to any amendment since its date of publication, on the 19th of April of 1976, except for the rate referring to stamped forms, currently set at Db. 30.00. It was therefore necessary to carry out a revision of the table, in regards to the application of some structural measures, aiming to recover the Country’s economic-financial situation. Taking into account the provisions of article 13 of Law No. 2/87, of 31 December 1987. In these terms: Using the power conferred by paragraph 2 of article 27 and subparagraph g) of article 42 of the Constitution, the Government of the Democratic Republic of S. Tomé and Príncipe decrees and I promulgate the following: