imageSão Tomé and Príncipe | Decree-Law No. 11/93, of 5 March 1993

Amendment to the Stamp Duty Regulation and to the Tax on Wages

Preview Extract:

Decree-Law No. 11/93 Preamble Following the changes that have been introduced in the National Tax System, there is now the opportunity to update and improve tax on wages legislation. Essentially aimed at taxation of employed work income, this tax tends to get rapidly outdated in light of the rapid evolution of labor relations in a changing economy. If we take into account that the current tax on wages provides for a wide range of rates starting at two thousand dobras and anachronistic ranks that differ by only one thousand dobras, we easily realize its inadequacy facing the recent prices and salaries levels. Let us also remember that the national minimum wage in Public Service today stands at six thousand and one hundred dobras.