imageSão Tomé and Príncipe | Decree-Law No. 7/2005, of 1 August 2005

Amendment of the rates in the Stamp Duty Schedule - 2005

Preview Extract:

Decree-Law No. 7/2005 Considering that it is necessary to amend the value of some rates included in the general table of the Stamp Duty, approved by Decree-Law No. 40/88, of 20 December 2005; Assuming that the present value of tax stamps [estampilhas fiscais] is clearly outdated and unadjusted with the associated costs of selling them; Therefore, it is necessary to legislate in accordance with legislative authorization No. 7/2013, granted by the National Assembly; Therefore, in the use of the powers conferred by subparagraph d) of article 111 of the Constitution, the Government decrees and I promulgate the following: