imageSão Tomé and Príncipe | Decree-Law No. 9/2005, of 1 August 2005

Amendments to the Consumption Tax rate on services

Preview Extract:

Decree Law No. 9/2005 Considering that it’s necessary to adjust the rate of the Consumption Tax on the Provision of Services approved by Decree-Law No. 35/2000, of 28 December 2000, allowing, on the one hand, the respective values to be consistent with the current economic and financial reality, and, on the other hand, ensuring greater productivity of this tax, thereby providing the State with a better rate of tax revenue collection; For this reason, it is necessary to legislate in accordance with the legislative authorization No. 7/2005, granted by the National Assembly; Therefore, in the use of the powers conferred by subparagraph d) of article 111 of the Constitution, the Government decrees and I promulgate the following: