imageMozambique | Law No. 34/2007, of 31 December 2007

Corporate Income Tax Code - 2007

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Law No. 34/2007 of 31 December 2007 Given the need to amend the income tax, established by Law No. 15/2002, of 26 June 2002, introducing changes to direct taxation levied on corporate income, the National Assembly, under the provisions of paragraph 2 of article 127, combined with subparagraph 2 (c) of article 179 from the Constitution, hereby determines: Article 1. The Regulation of the Corporate Income Tax Code, attached to this Decree, and considered an integral part thereof, is hereby approved. Art. 2. It is the responsibility of the Council of Ministers to regulate this Law and to establish the necessary procedures for collection of this tax, within 90 days from the date of its publication. Art. 3. Executive Decree No. 21/2002, of 30 July 2002, its amendments and all additional legislation that contravenes the provisions of this Law are hereby repealed. Art. 4. This Law shall enter into force on 1 January 2008 and shall be applicable to income for the fiscal year of 2008 et seq.