imageGuinea Bissau | Decree No. 4/84, of 3 March 1984

Amendment to the Personal Income Tax Code (Imposto Profissional) - 1984

Preview Extract:

COUNCIL OF MINISTERS Decree No. 4/84 of 3 March 1984 Following the increase in salaries of civil servants, approved by Decree 34/83, of 23 December 1983, it was deemed necessary to review the brackets for determining the rates for the purposes of personal income tax, a review that should take into account the proportion of the increases recorded. Under these terms, on the proposal of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and in the exercise of the powers conferred by articles 10, subparagraph (c) and 11 of the Statute of the Interim Government, approved by Decision No. 4/81, of 29 January 1981, the Government hereby decrees and I promulgate the following: Sole article: Article 27 of the Personal Income Tax Code, approved by Decree No. 23/83 of 6 August 1983, is hereby amended, and the Tax rates shall be as follows: