imageGuinea Bissau | Order No. 3/90, of 19 february 1990

Amendment to the Corporate Income Tax Code - 1990

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MINISTRY OF FINANCE Order No. 3/90 The Corporate Income Tax Code has been in force since 1984, with amendments to some of its provisions, namely by Decree no. 24/88 of 13 June 1988, in the period of time meanwhile elapsed, it is now deemed necessary to reduce the rates and adjust the tax ranks indicated in that Code, in order to make the progressivity of the ranks and rates more equitable, thus discouraging tax evasion, which, as a consequence, will determine the increase in revenue collected and greater tax justice. Accordingly, and using the powers conferred by article 3 of Decree No. 30/989 of 26 December 1989, the Minister of Finance hereby promotes the following amendments: