imageGuinea Bissau | Decree No. 34/93, of 10 August 1993

Amendment to the Urban Property Tax Code

Preview Extract:

Decree No. 34/93 from 10 August 1993 The Urban Property Tax Code was approved in 1988 by Decree No. 43/88 of 15 November 1988. Following the lessons learned over the last few years, it is deemed necessary to adjust it to the existing constraints and to provide it with mechanisms to ensure greater efficiency. It is worth noting the creation of new ancillary obligations for public entities and entities that supply water, energy and telecommunications, aimed at a better compliance with tax obligations. The possibility of dividing the contribution above 15,000,000.00 GWP was also created and the taxable income to be attributable to non-rented buildings was clarified. Therefore, upon proposal of the Minister of Finance, the Government hereby decrees, pursuant to paragraph 2 of article 100 of the Constitution, the following: Article 1. Articles 13, 16, 18, 28, 40, 46 and 47 of the Urban Property Tax Code, hereinafter referred to as the ‘CCPU’, shall be replaced by the following: