imageGuinea Bissau | Law No. 1/96, of 24 April 1996

General State Budget for 1996 (only the part referring to the tax amendments)

Preview Extract:

Law No. 1/96 of 24 April 1996 The People’s National Assembly (ANP) decrees, under the terms of subparagraph 1 (g) of article 85 and paragraph 2 of article 91, of the Constitution, the following: CHAPTER I BUDGET APPROVAL CHAPTER IV TAX POLICY MEASURES ARTICLE 14 Revenue Collection 1. The amounts to be delivered to the State coffers shall be expressed in Guinean pesos (GWP). 2. When there are rounding, they shall be made for the immediately higher GWP unit if the amount to be rounded is equal to or above 50 cents and for the immediately lower unit in other cases.