imageGuinea Bissau | Law No. 8/97, of 2 December 1997

General State Budget for 1997 (only the part referring to the tax amendments)

Preview Extract:

Law No. 8/97 of 2 December 1997 GENERAL STATE BUDGET FOR 1997 The People’s National Assembly (ANP) [‘Assembleia Nacional Popular’] hereby decrees, pursuant to subparagraph 1(g) of article 85, and paragraph 2 of article 91, both of the Constitution, the following: CHAPTER IV TAX POLICY MEASURES ARTICLE 9 Revaluation of Tangible Fixed Assets Taking into account that the assumptions in effect when Law No. 4/95, of 24 May 1995, on the revaluation of the tangible fixed assets of natural and legal persons subject to industrial contribution, was drawn-up, approved and published in Official Bulletin No. 21, still apply, it is necessary to adapt that law to current circumstances: