imageGuinea Bissau | Law No. 4/2014, of 15 April 2014

Petroleum Law and Tax Regime

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Law No. 4/2014 of 15 April 2014 Petroleum Law Preamble According to the principle universally established in the United Nations Charter, all mineral and natural resources, living or fossil, found in the soil and subsoil, in its continental shelf and its economic zone, hereinafter referred to as national territory, shall be original domain, direct, inalienable and indefeasible of a given territory, therefore, the deposits of liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons found in these zones or areas shall constitute property of the State of Guinea Bissau. Considering the undeniable importance that these resources may have for the State of Guinea Bissau, in terms of their use, and implementation of its socio-economic development plans.