imageBolivia | Supreme Decree No. 2779 of May 25, 2016

Decree That Approves and Contains the Free Trade Zone Regime

Preview Extract:

Paragraph III of Article 318 of the Political Constitution of the State determines that the State shall strengthen the productive, manufacturing and industrial infrastructure and basic services for the productive sector. That Law no. 1990, of July 28, 1999, General Customs Law, establishes the general rules of the Special Free Trade Zones Regime, regulated by Supreme Decree no. 25870, of August 11, 2000. That the First Additional Provision of Law no. 2493 of August, 4 2003 provides for the tax regime applicable to Free Trade Zones. That it is in the interest of the Plurinational State of Bolivia to promote and develop Industrial Free Trade Zones, with the aim of implementing national policies of productive development in order to favor productive activities intensive in employment, investment, promote technological transformation activities, support and assist productive development and expand the productive base established in the territory of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS DECREES: SOLE ARTICLE — The Regulation of the Special Free Trade Zones Regime is approved, in accordance with the text that is an integral part of this Supreme Decree.