imageArgentina | Resolution No. 449/2019 of 18 October 2019

Details the scope of activities and categories included in the Regime for Promotion of the Knowledge Economy

Preview Extract:

The provisions for the overall reach of the activities and fields comprised in the Regime for the Promotion of a Knowledge-Driven Economy (henceforth referred to as “REGIME”) set forth by Law No. 27.506, through which Annex I (IF-2019-94003894-APN-SECPYME#MPYT) forms an integral part of this measure, shall be hereby approved. In order to determine the main activity, the invoicing for the activities of Annex I must be in accordance with the codes of the “Classifier of Economic Activities” (CLAE), approved by General Resolution No. 3537, of 20 October 2013, of the FEDERAL ADMINISTRATION OF PUBLIC REVENUE, autarchic entity in the scope of MINISTRY OF ECONOMY AND PUBLIC FINANCE (henceforth referred to as “AFIP”), provided for in Annex II (IF-2019-94003949-APN-SECPYME#MPYT) which forms an integral part of this measure. The main activity request shall not be considered accredited, when the activity is invoiced with other codes that are not specified in Annex II of this measure, with the exceptions provided for in this resolution.