imageArgentina | Decree No. 814/2017, of 11 October 2017

Rates Corresponding to the Extrazone Import Tax (D.I.E., for its acronym in Spanish)

Preview Extract:

That the National Promotion Regime for the Use of Renewable Sources of Energy for the Production of Electric Energy sanctioned by Law No. 26.190 and amended and expanded by Law No. 27.191, sets the objective of achieving an increase in the participation of the renewable energy sources in the electricity matrix until reaching EIGHT PERCENT (8%) of the national annual consumption as of 31 December 2017, increasing said percentage participation progressively until reaching TWENTY PERCENT (20%) at 31 December of the year 2025. That within the framework of what is established in Laws No. 26.190 and 27.191, during 2016, the MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND MINING started the RenovAr Program, with open calls named Round 1 and Round 1.5, by means of Resolutions No. 136 dated 25 July, 2016 and 252 dated 28 October 2016 from the MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND MINING. That through Resolution No. 275 dated 16 August, 2017 of the MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND MINING, interested parties were invited to bid within the framework of Round 2 of the RenovAr Program. That the generation of electric energy from the use of renewable energy sources destined to the provision of public service as well as research for technological development and equipment manufacturing for this purpose has been declared of national interest by Law No. 26.190, taking into account that the expansion of the use of renewable energy sources for the production of electricity has favorable consequences for the country since it implies, among others, a greater diversification of the national energy matrix, the expansion of installed power, the reduction of both the consumption of fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gases and the contribution to the mitigation of climate change.