imageAngola | Presidential Legislative Decree No. 5/15, of 21 September 2015

Amendment of the Consumption Tax Regulation

Preview Extract:

Presidential Legislative Decree No. 5/15 of 21 September 2015 Whereas taxation, as a central element in the financing of modern States to meet collective needs and the pursuit of the public interest, must be subject to constitutionally established rules and principles aimed at achieving the State's budgetary objectives in harmony with and in conjunction with the other instruments of macroeconomic policy; In the event that taxation, as a public policy instrument, needs to be taken as a leverage factor for the national productive sector, fostering the economy's diversification and boosting exports, in conjunction with the introduction of higher tax rates on consumption of superfluous goods, alcoholic beverages and luxury goods, as well as the protection of basic necessities and the relief of customs duties on products and equipment for domestic production, namely machinery associated with industrial production and agriculture, including hand tools for these two Sectors, pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 50/11 of 15 March 2011, which approves the General Lines for Tax Reform. The President of the Republic decrees, in the use of the Legislative Authorizations granted by the National Assembly, under Law No. 15/15 and Law No. 16/15, both of 21 August 2015, and in accordance with paragraph 1 of article 102, paragraph 1 of article 125 and subparagraph (o) of article 165, all from the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, the following: