imageAngola | Law No. 28/19, of 25 September 2019

Amendment of the Personal Income Tax Code - Set 2019

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Law No. 28/19 of 25 September 2018 The review of the General State Budgets for 2019, as well as the evaluation of public policy measures under the Program arising from the Agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), recommend the identification of additional opportunities for obtaining tax revenues, with an impact on the 2019 Fiscal Year. Whereas, under the Constitution and the law, taxes must always take into account the principles of equality and ability-to-pay capacity, which implies the collection of taxes on all citizens on equal terms and circumstances; It is, therefore, necessary, under the Personal Income Tax regime, to promote taxation of workers aged 60 years and over, in full exercise of their functions, and also to tax vacation gratifications and Christmas allowances; The National Assembly approves, by the mandate of the People, under the combined provisions of subparagraph 1 (o) of Article 165 and subparagraph 2 (d) of Article 166, both from the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, the following: LAW THAT AMENDS THE PERSONAL INCOME TAX CODE