imageAngola | Law No. 9/19, of 24 April 2019

Amendment to the Personal Income Tax Code - April 2019

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Law no. 9/19 of 24 April 2019 The current economic context, focused on internal and external dynamic measures for the country's socio-economic development, with a view to reducing public investments, increasing private initiative and attracting foreign investment, requires its alignment to the Tax Legislation. Given that the enlargement of the tax base, with the extension of the list of liberal professions, the inclusion of the distribution of profits on the tax base to the shareholders of exclusively civil companies, and equating holders of legal entities with taxpayers on behalf of others is necessary; The National Assembly approves, by the mandate of the people, under the terms of paragraph 1 of article 102, subparagraph 1 (o) of article 165, subparagraph 2 (d) of article 166 and paragraph 4 of article 167, all from the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, the following: LAW THAT AMENDS THE PERSONAL INCOME TAX CODE