imageAngola | Decree No. 38/08, of 19 June 2008

Legal Framework for Social Security Contributions - 2008

Preview Extract:

Decree No. 38/08 of 19 June 2008 Considering the need to regulate contributions and binding legal relations in order to achieve the right to benefits attributed by the Mandatory Welfare Protection. Facing the need to systematize procedures related to registration and contributory obligations in order to improve the process of registering insurers, as well as to insure the efficient collection of contributions for the Mandatory Welfare Protection; Under the terms of paragraph 1 of article 59 of Law No. 07/04. The Law of Social Protection (Lei de Bases da Protecção Social) and, under the combined provisions of subparagraph d) of article 110 and article 112 of the Constitutional Law, the Government decrees the following;