imageAngola | Decree-Law No. 17/09, of 26 June 2009

Special Contribution on the Training of Angolan Personnel (Training Levy)

Preview Extract:

Decree-law No. 17/19 of 26 June 2019 Considering that the training of Angolan workers is one of the tasks that fall under the priorities of the Government priorities and given the need to provide the Republic of Angola with national workers capable of ensuring the functioning of this sector of the domestic economy; Whereas Decree No. 20/82 of 17 April 1982 has been, since its inception, the legal instrument driving the recruitment, integration, training and development of Angolan personnel in the oil industry, providing employment and technical-scientific training to thousands of Angolans currently engaged in oil activity; Whereas the period of time that has elapsed, the technological developments in the oil industry, as well as the new human resources policy options, embodied in the Law No. 10/04 of 12 November 2004 - the Petroleum Activities Law, recommend not only the reformulation of Decree No. 20/82 of 17 April 1982, but also the creation of a new regulatory framework that welcomes the updating and adaptation to the new reality of human resources development in the national oil sector; In the use of the legislative authorization granted by Resolution No. 21/09 of 26 March 2009 of the National Assembly, pursuant to Article 86 of Law No. 10/04, of 12 November 2004 - the Petroleum Activities Law, article 57 of Law No. 13/04 of 24 December 2004 - Law on the Taxation of Petroleum Activities, and under the combined provisions of article 90 (f) and article 113 both of the Constitutional Law, the Government decrees the following: