imageAngola | Presidential Law Decree No. 6/11, of 30 December 2011

Stamp Duty Code - 2011

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Presidential Legislative Decree No. 6/11 of 30 December 2011 The indirect taxation system included in the current Stamp Duty Regulation approved by Legislative Statute no. 3841/68 of 6 August, as amended and updated by Decree no. 7/89 of 15 August, and Executive Decree no. 85/99, of June 11, as well as the appended table approved by Decree no. 71/04, of July 9, includes effectively decontextualized assessment procedures, representing huge constraints on the stamp duty practical interpretation and application for taxpayers. In addition, the tendency to reduce bureaucracy in the taxpayer's relationship with the State, the formal taxation of some of the realities hitherto contained in the table, and which for reasons of ease of implementation or greater convenience in their taxation or encumbrance were referred to other taxes, fees or charges, also highlighting the need to eliminate the legislative dispersion concerning the certification of documents, acts and contracts, and their assessment fully justifying this reformulation of the tax; Considering the need for a revision of the tax in order to make stamp duty rules simpler and easier to use, as well as those relating to the incidence, assessment, taxpayers' guarantee and purely procedural rules, this Decree is hereby issued, and it includes the elements deemed indispensable and dispersed throughout a myriad of inappropriate norms, methods and procedures; According to the purposes justifying the creation of the Executive Project for Tax Reform, clearly defined in the Executive Guidelines for Tax Reform. The President of the Republic hereby decrees, in the use of the legislative authorization granted by the National Assembly, under article 1 of Law no. 35/11, of 16 December, and in accordance with paragraph 1 of article 102, paragraph 1 of article 125 and subparagraph o) of article 165 and paragraph 4 of article 170, all from the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, the following: ARTICLE 1 (Approval) The Stamp Duty Code, attached to this Statute and which forms an integral part of it, is hereby approved.