imageAngola | Executive Decree No. 12/12, of 5 January 2012

Special Economic Zone of Luanda - Bengo

Preview Extract:

Executive Decree No. 12/12 of 5 January 2012 Whereas the Executive created by Executive Decree No. 50/09, of 11 September 2009, the Luanda - Bengo Special Economic Zone, with a view, among others, to promoting the production of goods and services to meet the growing needs of the internal market and for exportation, economic diversification, job creation, income growth and to fostering the Angolan entrepreneurship; Considering the needs of the trade to be carried out in that special economic zone, and the interests of the National Treasury regarding the collection of duties and other taxes, as well as the fight against fraud and customs tax evasion; Taking into account the responsibility of the Customs, in the effective exercise of customs controls, in the places designated by them, it is necessary to create a customs delegation in that Special Economic Zone in order to carry out such control; In accordance with the powers delegated by the President of the Republic, pursuant to article 137 of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, and in accordance with subparagraph b) of Article 3 of the Organic Statute of the Ministry of Finance, approved by Presidential Decree No. 93/10, of 7 June 2010, I hereby determine: Article 1 - A Customs Delegation is hereby established in the Luanda Customs Region in the Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone.