imageAngola | Presidential Legislative Decree No. 3/14, of 21 October 2014

Stamp Duty Code - 2014

Preview Extract:

Presidential Legislative Decree No. 3/14 of 21 October 2014 As part of the ongoing Executive Project for the Tax Reform, and in line with the guidelines defined in Presidential Decree No. 50/11 of 15 March 2011, approving the Executive’s Guidelines for the Tax Reform, the Presidential Legislative Decree No. 6/11 of 30 December 2011, approving the Stamp Duty Code, was published; Taking into account that the experience in implementing the introduced legislative changes has shown some misunderstandings and misrepresentations of the Stamp Duty Code, in particular regarding to incidence, rates, identification of the taxable person and entity on which the tax is levied, it is necessary to carry out a revision of the Stamp Duty Code, with a view to clarifying some of the regimes provided for therein and making the rules set forth in this tax more fair, simple and suitable. In the exercise of the legislative authorization granted by article 1 of Law No. 13/14 of 30 July 2014, and pursuant to paragraph 1 of article 102, paragraph 1 of article 125 and subparagraph o) of article 165 of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, the President of the Republic hereby decrees the following: