imageAngola | Executive Decree No. 326/19, of 30 October 2019

Model of Identification Stamp of taxpayers under the general VAT regime

Preview Extract:

Executive Decree No. 326/19 of 30 October 2019 Aiming at ensuring the effective application of the tax legislation, improving the identification of taxpayers under the general regime of the Value Added Tax and avoiding the speculative use that has been verified in the implementation process of the said Tax; In accordance with the powers delegated by the President of the Republic, under the terms of article 137 of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, and pursuant to the provisions of article 2 of the Presidential Decree No. 180/19, of 24 May 2019, combined with the provisions of subparagraph 1 (b) of article 6 of the Organic Statute of the Ministry of Finance, approved by Presidential Decree No. 31/18, of 7 June 2018, I hereby determine: