imageAngola | Executive Decree No. 67/17 of 14 February 2017

New Customs Declaration (Single Document - Documento Único)

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Executive Decree No. 67/17 of 14 February 2017 In the context of reforming and modernizing the customs services aiming to fulfil the principles of facilitating trade while simplifying and modernizing customs procedures, whose main objective lies in the need to improve the swiftness of customs clearance procedures, the Executive Decree No. 117/06 of 11 August 2006 was approved, which adopted a model of Customs Declaration, named «Single Document», also known as its abbreviation «DU». Current trade practices require that customs administrations adopt procedures for the implementation of new information and communication systems that allow for an efficient and effective customs surveillance and improve the electronic exchange of data, thus ensuring an innovative response to the current reality of international trade operations and a unified management of controls and procedures.