imageAngola | Rectification No. 3/17 of 15 May 2017

Rectification of de new Customs Declaration (Single Document - Documento Único)

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Rectification No. 3/17 of 15 May of 2017 The Executive Decree No. 67/17 of 14 February 2017, which approved the new Customs Declaration Form for the taxation of goods, named Single Document (DU), was inaccurate. as well as its explanatory notes that clarify the meaning and scope of each DU field; In accordance with the powers delegated by the President of the Republic, pursuant to article 137 of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, and in accordance with the power conferred on me by article 2 of Presidential Order No. 61/13. of 28 June 2013, in conjunction with subparagraph 1 (b) of Article 4 of the Organic Statute of the Ministry of Finance, approved by Presidential Decree No. 299/14 of 4 November 2014, I hereby determine: