imageAngola | Law No. 18/17, of 17 August 2017

Amendment of the General Tax Code

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Law no. 18/17 of 17 August 2019 The purpose of this legislative amendment is to create conditions whereby, in certain cases, taxes may be paid in foreign currency, the main advantage of which is the increased availability of foreign currency resources to the State. This legislative measure also aims to allow the Tax Administration to use the mechanisms for offsetting tax credits for non-tax debts, after prior recognition of the debt by the Public Debt Management Unit. For this to happen, it is necessary to amend the current tax legislation, namely articles 55 and 59 of the General Tax Code. The National Assembly approves, by the mandate of the people, under the provisions of subparagraph 1 (o) of article 165 and subparagraph 2 (d) of article 166, both from the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, the following: LAW THAT AMENDS THE GENERAL TAX CODE