imageAngola | Law No. 10/18, of 26 June 2018

Private Investment Law

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Law No. 10/18 of 26 June 2018 The diversification of the domestic economy and the consequent growth and specialization of the production, in terms of the domestic production market and of exports, require adequate volumes of domestic and foreign private investment, as the engine of productive activity, leaving to the State the role of promoting and regulating the economic and social development. Facing the need to make adjustments to the current legal and institutional framework in order to establish a faster, easier and safer process of promoting, attracting and executing private investments for the domestic economy. The National Assembly approves, by the mandate of the people, under the provisions of paragraph 2 of article 165 and subparagraph 2 (d) of article 166, both from the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, the following: PRIVATE INVESTMENT LAW