imageAngola | Presidential Decree No. 250/18, of 30 October 2018

Private Investment Law Regulation (this translation does not include the translation of the Forms)

Preview Extract:

Presidential Decree No. 250/18 of 30 October 2018 Considering that Law No. 10/18, of 26 June 2018, Private Investment Law, adjusted the legal and institutional framework for private investments carried out in the Country, expediting and facilitating the promotion, capture and execution processes; Facing the need to regulate the aforementioned Law, ensuring a favorable environment so that private investments in the Country can be carried out as efficiently as possible and through clear and objective procedures; The President of the Republic, in accordance with subparagraph (d) of article 120 and paragraph 1 of article 125, both of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, decrees the following: