imageAngola | Law No. 6/19, of 18 April 2019

Amendment of the Law on the Taxation of Petroleum Activities

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Law No. 6/19, of 18 April 2019 The reorganization of the Oil Sector in Angola is a key factor to develop a sustainable management of the oil and gas resources, contributing significantly to the generation of revenues, the economic diversification and the socioeconomic development of the Country. It is imperative to adjust the organization model of the Angolan Oil Sector in order to ensure greater political coordination, elimination of conflicts of interest, increased transparency and efficiency of the Sector and creation of favorable conditions to attract investment. Taking into account the principles of stability, minimum intervention and thrifty management of the Country’s resources, as well as the need to change the entity that holds the mining rights; The National Assembly approves, by the mandate of the people, and pursuant to paragraph (b) of article 161 and subparagraph 2 (d) of article 166 of the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, the following: LAW THAT AMENDS LAW NO. 13/04, OF 24 DECEMBER 2004, ON THE TAXATION OF PETROLEUM ACTIVITIES